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If you enjoy programming, philosophy, math, or any number of geeky topics, you're in the right place. Every day, I'll post a random quote from my extensive collection of Kindle highlights. Quotes do not necessarily reflect my views or opinions. In fact, part of my epistemic process is to consume a wide variety of contradictory material.


Yes, numbers can deceive. But so can words—not to mention pictures, hand gestures, hip-hop musicals, and fundraising emails. Our moral system blames the liar, not the medium chosen for the lie.

— Ben Orlin, Math with Bad Drawings

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No matter what you call it – game theory, postmodernism or memetics – the dynamics of history are not directed towards enhancing human well-being.

— Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens

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First, we have to understand the problem; we have to see clearly what is required. Second, we have to see how the various items are connected, how the unknown is linked to the data, in order to obtain the idea of the solution, to make a plan. Third, we carry out our plan. Fourth, we look back at the completed solution, we review and discuss it.

— G. Polya and John H. Conway, Sapiens

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